Antenna & TV


Antenna Installation

We can provide you with the best quality TV antenna and installation for outstanding digital reception. Don’t compromise on quality. We use high quality antennas that are specifically required for your area. Call us and enjoy a 2 year workmanship warranty. Now that’s impressive!

Antenna Servicing

Full antenna inspection will be performed by an experienced technician. They will assess the antenna visually and structurally, conduct signal testing at your location for the best signal quality and reliability, inspect and test the cabling and equipment going to your TV point.


Reception problems no more! Our technicians will assess your antenna for defects, test the cabling and equipment such as splitters and amplifiers. In most instances repairs can be made on the spot.

Extra TV Points

Additional TV points in another room may solve your viewing troubles. Extra points can be added to your existing TV antenna system. We user RG6 quad shielded cable that gives excellent picture quality and reduces any interference that you might have.

Digital Upgrade

Brisbane has switched to digital and it’s time that you upgrade your antenna to maximise your viewing experience. Digital antennas have a smaller footprint, look better and most importantly provide a superior picture quality.

TV Tuning

If you’ve lost signal on your television were are here to help. We are able to re-tune your existing antenna and television to get the best possible signal.

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satellite dish
satellite dish
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Satellite Installation

We offer high quality C-band and Ku-band dish systems at affordable prices. Satellite TV provides you with over 120 channels, 12 of which have 24/7 Christian programming.

Satellite Relocation

When you move, your satellite dish should move with you! Keep your existing setup and have it relocated to a new location. We ensure you will get the best viewing experience.


Reception problems no more! Our technicians will assess your satellite dish and decoder for defects, test the cabling and any relevant equipment. In most instances repairs can be made on the spot.


Satellites require precision, even a small movement in the orientation or a skew in the dish can cause your signal to drop out. We understand that accidents happen, and that is why we offer tuning services.

Christian Satellite TV

Christian channels offer 24/7 Christian oriented programming for the whole family.
There are 12 free-to-air Christian channels available via satellite and 200+ Christian channels available via FaithStream’s streaming service. We have partnered with FaithStream who specialises in Christian media content. Please visit for more information.

Our Recent Projects

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